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Q & A with Hemingway

Brisbane's self proclaimed Cosmic Ambassadors Hemingway are inviting you to climb aboard a sonic cosmic adventure rocket ship to the Mystic Kingdom. 

The band release their long awaited EP Mystic Kingdom today after extensively touring Mystic Kingdom Pt 1 and Me & You in 2017.  The 6 track EP includes Mystic Kingdom Pt 2, a  finale to Mystic Kingdom Pt 1 that left fellow cosmic travellers on the precipice of a metaphorical ledge for almost 9 months.  

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Q & A with Frenchy from Cheap Fakes

Redefining an already well established and well respected sound is a risky thing to do.  Cheap Fakes have done it with nothing but absolute authenticity and sophistication.  
It's always good to catch up to these guys before they head our way (July 28th, Solbar, with Hemingway)... and this time around, we caught up with guitarist/producer Scott 'Frenchy' French.

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Q & A with Jack Carty

Award-winning singer-songwriter Jack Carty and former Papa vs. Pretty bassist Gus Gardiner have been inseparable since meeting in a university elevator in 2009. It's a friendship and creative collaboration that's seen them through shoestring tours, share-houses, breakups and bridal parties. Gardiner has also held bass and 'cello credits on three of Carty's four studio albums.

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