Q & A with Drop Legs


Byron Bay's favourite dub - hopping surf outfit Drog Legs have yet another 'ball - slamming' single titled Jimi Dubs en route.  The band had great success from their last three singles with Triple J premieres, national community radio airplay and industry acclaim for all three.

No strangers to the Sunshine Coast, it has been a while since we've seen Drop Legs in action locally, and as luck has it, they're coming our way to play Solbar on April 28 with King Coaster, and local rock/reggae dudes, Dosed.

‘Ello dudes…. 
We haven’t seen you up our way for a little while. Pretty sure the last time you were on the Coast was to play a blistering set at Caloundra Music Festival.  And now you have a brand new tune in ‘Jimi Dubs’.  Care to explain what this track is about?

Hey there cheers bro-  yeah we’ve been frothing to get back- our last gig at Sol Bar was lit!  This song is about the rollercoast of love and how sometimes things get a little heated, it kinda grows like an argument can- then climaxes beftore simmering down into a chill hip hop outro.

And this is just a taste from an upcoming EP you have - ‘Big Fiddies’?  How long have you been working on this project?

It’s actually from an album we’re dropping soon in June which will be around 10 tracks. It’s been probably a couple of years in the making and we’re really proud and stoked on all the tracks! It depicts a really special time in our lives as a band and as mates.

You recorded ‘Jimi Dubs’ with Eric Cohello (who has worked with The Strides, Havana Meets Kingston, Angus & Julia Stone)… I was going to ask how you managed to hook this up, but seeing as you’ve played with The Strides before, I’m assuming that’s how that connection was made?  So how was working with Eric in the studio, and did his production techniques bring out something a little different with DL?

Yes we always looked up to him as a live sound guy around the region and then we approached him after a gig at Rockinghorse studios with Caravana Sun and Wharves. We were pretty nervous but he’s a mad chilla and was in similar band called Rasta Wookie so is very relatable. 

He is THE MAN for phat bass and drums so he really helped us find out dub hip hop sound and you will really notice this on the first two album tracks.

‘Jimi Dubs’ is described as a more ambitious track for Drop Legs, but also depicts the growth of the band over the past year… care to expand on this?

Yes it’s ambitious as it encompasses heaps of new elements into one song and everyone has pushed their own skill to arrive at the finished product. So after playing and touring a lot together this is one track we could all fully collaborate and bing our new skills and ideas to, and it’s SICK  to play live.

Byron Bay’s a hot bed of musical talent, and we know they like their roots/reggae as much as the Sunshine Coast does.  Drop Legs has been in the scene for a while now, so who are your picks for some up-and-comers to keep an eye on?

Luckily 420 Sound are keeping the Roots in the Bay with weekly Monday Reggae nights which host epic international and local artists. Reggae-wise The 420 Sound, Kimmy Crew, The Skanstars and Air Structure are the bands to keep an eye on.

Lastly, for those that haven’t witnessed a Drop Legs live show before… some it up in five words.

Patrick Swayzies Making Stage Babies

Chur chur, lads.  We’ll see you at Solbar on April 28th with King Coaster, and locals, Dosed.

The brand new single, 'Jimi Dubs' will premiere on Triple J next Monday (April 23), with a film clip due to release on April 30.  We'll add the single to this interview after its release.

Catch Drop Legs with Dosed and King Coaster at Solbar on April 28.