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Q & A with Bootleg Rascal

Sydney-based ghetto-dubsters Bootleg Rascal have just unveiled their long-awaited sophomore album ‘Anónimo’ – produced by long-time collaborator Ian Pritchett (Boo Seeka, Kim Churchill, Angus and Julia Stone).

Taking cues from the likes of staple influences Gorillaz, Kid Cudi and Massive Attack, ‘Anònimo’ combines themes of hip hop, reggae, indie-rock, dub and electronica. Whilst melding an array of eclectic influences, the brooding new record simultaneously shines a light on the group’s ability to deliver on a cohesive sound.

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen Bootleg Rascal on the Coast, but luckily, they’ve included a stop at Solbar on Thursday October 25th…

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Q & A with Clowns

‘Freezing In The Sun’ is a taste of what is yet to come from Clowns. The new single sees bright and jangly guitars juxtaposed with politicised lyrics of discontent. The lyrics demanding ‘tell me what the fuck I am supposed to do, when I know my taxes are paying for kids to be held in Nauru’, coupled with the dreamy and mesmerising chorus sung by bassist Hanny J.

In celebration of this single, Clowns are touring Australia, including a stop-over at Solbar on September 29th.

We sent through a few q’s to vocalist, Stevie…

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Q & A with Frenchy from Cheap Fakes

Redefining an already well established and well respected sound is a risky thing to do.  Cheap Fakes have done it with nothing but absolute authenticity and sophistication.  
It's always good to catch up to these guys before they head our way (July 28th, Solbar, with Hemingway)... and this time around, we caught up with guitarist/producer Scott 'Frenchy' French.

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