Q & A with Asher from Bearfoot

Love songs are supposed to be all dramatic and mushy, right? Well, Sunshine Coast Roots gurus, Bearfoot have taken a different approach with their new single, ‘Crazy For You’- a knees-up ska-driven track with twists and turns, celebrating our roller-coaster love lives.

The 6-piece are about to head out on the biggest tour so far, but first, it's a massive send-off show at their home, Solbar on August 5th.  We caught up with Bearfoot frontman, Asher Chapman to get the low-down...

Hey Asher. Congratulations on the new single, 'Crazy For You'. I know it's an older song from the band, so why the decision to bring this one out, instead of a newer track?

Hey Bro, Thanks! This song has been a crowd favorite since the get go and I guess we wanted to say thankyou to all the amazing people that have backed us from the start. Its also a little shout out to our families and loved ones as we head out on the road on our biggest tour yet.   

The past releases from Bearfoot, excluding the beach anthem 'Could Be Worse', have had quite a darker feel to it.  'Crazy For You' is the complete opposite - a sunny love song - but still encapsulates that 'Bearfoot' sound. Would you say that the band has two sides, in this sense (as in a darker, brooding side, versus the more care-free side)?

With most Reggae/Dub music there is usually a mix of both major (happy) and minor (sad) sounds. Typically the major songs are more party/love songs and the minor are political/heavy. I enjoy writing and performing both styles. I guess you could describe it as two different sides to the same coin, but it all depends on the topic and there are always exceptions.

The band has collaborated (in part) with(DJ) Jesswah, having brought out two remixes, but this is the first time you've done a full collaboration in an original release, having brought in Andrea Kirwin to sing a verse, and help out in the chorus.  How did this collaboration come about?

Yes, first time and definitely won't be the last. The band kinda formed as a bunch of mates jamming and as we’ve progressed we’ve tried to keep that vibe going. We always end up with friends up on stage singing along with us. Our Manager Matt suggested the collaboration early on, this is the first time we’ve done it in the studio. Who better to get than Andrea. Man she can sing!

You've also been teasing a filmclip to coincide with the new single...  any further hints as to what will be going on with this?

It’s gonna be fun and a bit fury. Don’t really know what else to say..

To celebrate the new track, you're doing your first full East Coast tour in August (and beginning of September).  It looks pretty full on... what are you looking forward to the most out of this journey?

I'm kinda just looking forward to hanging out with all the boys again. We’ve all been away a lot and playing music together again will be awesome.  Also catching up with El Moth and our mate Craig. Also I’ve never been to Melbourne. Annnd Tacos..   

It's now been a year since you released the 'TRiBE' EP, and I think it's fair to say that a lot of your fans were expecting an album to come next... so will we see a full length Bearfoot album any time soon?

Yeah, an album is the goal. But we really wanted to get a couple of tours in before we did a full length release. Can’t really give away all our secrets but yes. We will do an album.  

The band has racked up some impressive festival performances under their collective belts... what would you say would be the highlight?

I’d say Woodford.. and Luminate Festival in New Zealand. Oh and Caloundra Music Festival!

Thanks Asher! Have a kick arse tour, and we'll be seeing you kicking it all off at Solbar on August 5th with those crazy funk-reggae cats, Fat Picnic.

Thanks, See you then!

'Crazy For You' (Feat. Andrea Kirwin) will be available for purchase via iTunes, Google Play and more from August 4, or stream below.