About US

Since its conception in 2009, The Point Music News has risen to become the online source for Sunshine Coast music news. We stand for our musicians - they inspire us, as much as we back them.

The Sunshine Coast is a melting pot of talent, with phenomenal artists oozing out of every pore of our paradise. But without a VOICE, then who will know what amazing acts are playing, what albums are coming out, what artists are emerging?

We stand by our original mission - to bring every musician/music-lover together; to assist in making the Sunshine Coast the musical juggernaut that it has the potential to be; and to let the world know of our music.

Only by working together can we make our metropolitan cousins stand up and take note of how amazing and powerful our musicians are.

Australia, take note. The Sunshine Coast is singing to you, so you better be listening.

Created by musicians, for musicians and music-lovers, The Point runs independently, relying on support from local industry.