Q & A with RACKETT


Sydney psych/pop/punk outfit, RACKETT have been blowing minds all over the countryside with their out-there live performances and incredible fashion sense. They're currently touring their latest single, 'Space Cadet', and are heading our way soon enough, to play Solbar on July 7th.

We caught up with vocalist/guitarist Bec Callander to get the low-down on all things RACKETT...

Hey Bec! Pretty safe to say that the past 18 months for RACKETT have been crazy, right?  EP release, twonew singles, sold out shows, festival slots, Spotify love and J play… how’s the head space for the four of you right now?

Thanks for taking notice. We’re in a great headspace, doing what we  love; performing live and playing music, a privilege to be living in a first world country giving you a chance to follow your dream. We live in such a lucky place with so much support and freedom.
We face our challenges, healthy challenges, for example running a fully fledged business independently, building revenue to produce new music to satisfy our fans and delivery them something to the standards they expect from a major band whilst on a limited budget .
We are touring our new single Space Cadet which we produced, recorded, mixed ourselves and performing it live in our costume Racy and Lucky space suits.

You’re smack bang in the middle of the rather hefty ‘Space Cadet’ Tour. I’ve been following RACKETT’s Instagram for some time now anyway (not a stalker, promise), and there’s been some crazy antics flowing through. I get the feeling these would be only the tip of the crazy iceberg… what’s been some of the weirdest/funniest shit you’ve seen during the tour so far?

I’d say touring with The Darkness was an amazing experience in useful in building our confidence and resilience. When you open for a band with such die hard fans they tend to be less responsive to your performance initially, simply because they are there to see their icons, its a challenge to break down the resistance and win a little piece of their hearts. Also, The Darkness are insane. Amazing performers, songwriters and musicians so we were inspired to lift our live game and also relieved that there are fans for bands out there that aren’t necessarily ‘on trend’. There is an audience for anthemic bands that transcend trends and demographics, something that RACKETT strives to be.

You’ve previously been the the featured talent in a national campaign for General Pants, and recently teamed up with (clothing brand) Racy & Lucky.
How important do you think the relationship between fashion and music is?
I did ask a similar question earlier this year to Ecca Vandal (who is another artist that is fantastic at merging fashion and music), and thought it is an interesting and sometimes necessary combination.  And how did the collaboration with Racy & Lucky come about?

Racy and Lucky is founded by Cindy Vogels. She has made several looks for us, the latest being our Space Cadet suits. Her designs, creativity and work ethic is outstanding and her story truly inspirational. She’s a hard working, down to earth single mother of four, chasing her dreams, injecting passion into every single piece and delivers it with tender love and care, supporting musicians in creating their aesthetic and visual dreams. Stepping onto stage is an honourable opportunity to us and we respect that by putting thought and time into every part of our performance.

How’s Steve? I’m assuming he’s on tour with you as well?

He sometimes drops in. Steve is our alien friend from planet Cacti, we wrote Space Cadet for him.

Looking at the ‘Space Cadet’ Tour… there’s fifty… 50… bands supporting you along the way. That’s insane! 1. That shows that what you do - there’s a lot of musicians out there that want to be even a footnote in your journey, and 2. that’s a shit tonne of respect from Australian bands for you.  Did the four of you listen to all the bands that contacted you, and just have a moment of being slightly overwhelmed? There’s a big mix of genres, that somehow all tie in together as well!

We were truly overwhelmed that any bands wanted to play with us. Then to get so many, we were blown away. I listened to every single band, charted them, rated them and recorded it all so next tour we know who to offer support shows to in each area. I think networking is essential to every business and any band that takes the initiative to reach out and make a connection is a great band, no matter the music, it’s the drive and confidence of a band that is as appealing to me as their music.

You’re heading to Solbar on July 7th, teaming up with Hobo Magic, and bringing along Gold Coast’s Peach Fur, Brisbane’s Port Royal, and locals Muules.  Five bands in one night - that’s like a mini-festival. You were also here just under a month ago playing a somewhat larger festival - Big Pineapple Music Festival.  How was your set? I swear I some some footage/photos of a bit of a Josie & the Pussycats theme in there??

Yeah the Josie and The Pussycats theme was another Racy and Lucky design. We played a great show and we so thankful to be asked to play. We were playing at the same time as Violent Soho so as you can expect our crowd wasn't as big, but that's ok, we made connections with each member of the audience. We also met Hobo Magic there and that’s how our Solbar show developed. We love them.

And lastly, Sailor Jerry’s with a Young Henry’s chaser… or Young Henry’s with a Sailor Jerry’s chaser?

Just mix em together. Probably a Sailor Jerry followed by a Young Henrys.

Thanks Bec! Stoked to see RACKETT back on the Sunshine Coast so quickly… and looking forward to the Solbar show on July 7th.

Catch RACKETT on their 'Space Cadet' Tour at Solbar on July 7th, co-headlining with Hobo Magic, and supports Port Royal, Peach Fur, and MuulesPre-sale tickets are available through Oztix here (and get a free Sailor Jerry's or Young Henry's upon entry).