Q & A with High Tropics


High Tropics have had a stellar 12 months so far, and they're only on the up and up.  A slew of killer singles, plenty of JJJ, Spotify and Music Blog attention, and a busy gigging roster, has seen the band show no signs of slowing down.  But... we're finally getting them back here on the Coast for a home show at Solbar on June 29.

Holy crap, High Tropics have had a huge year so far, and it’s only half way there. Has the live music fatigue set in, or are you still all amped about what’s to come for the rest of 2018?

Still super amped, in the middle of finishing up some new music at the moment, sorting out a July tour and then a few other cool shows in the months to come. I’ll probably have a little breather towards the end of the year when Red Dead 2 comes out. :P

You’ve released four singles to date - 15 Years, Better Days, You Never Made It Easy, and the latest, Wait For You.  Are we on the way to a full album from High Tropics?

Eventually, but probably not for a little while, I’m such a one day at a time kind of dude, so singles work real well for me. I’m in the middle of finishing up some new music at the moment and will hopefully drop another song in the very near future, maybe an EP.

Wait For You actually got some serious love from the likes of Triple J, music bloggers and some serious Spotify playlists… does that all feel a little surreal?  I mean, there’s a LOT of blogs you’ve been getting featured on…

Definitely very grateful for how well it’s been going. I was super fortunate to have a great team from everyone to my good mate and producer Elliot Heinrich, Ben Godding over at AWAL and my girls at Black Panda (gotta give ‘em all a shout out).

You’re finally coming back to Solbar on June 29 for a free show, with Fragile Animals, and Dorah Jacson… it’s been a while, lads. Anything special up your sleeve for this one?

Ohh man, we can’t wait for this one. Home town show so we had to make it free. We do actually have a few new songs up the sleeve which we’re very keen to play. Also can’t wait to watch Dorah Jacson and Fragile Animals, it’s going to be an awesome night.

Finally, if you were to put together a Spotify playlist of 10 Australian artists to watch, who would you feature?

Boy do I have a treat for you, such a playlist actually exists, High In The Tropics has a stack of amazing Australian artists. Give it a geeze ey:

Thanks guys! Stoked to see you playing a home show! We’ll see you at Solbar on June 29th.

Thank you my dude!