Muules bring post-apocalyptic teddy bear nightmare to new clip, ‘Unabated’


Following the release of the latest track, ‘Unabated’ at the end of February, Sunshine Coast alt-rock trio Muules have taken the theme of against-all-odds relationships, and given it a post-apocalyptic twist for the accompanying film clip.

Adding a touch of B-grade horror-style theatrics, the film clip sees the young female protagonist (played by bassist Rhys’ 10 year-old daughter, Olivia) journey a bleak landscape on the search for her missing teddy bear, held captive by feral toys.

With axe in hand, the young hero musters the strength to battle the stuffed toy horde, and rescue the one thing that matters the most to her.

Of the clip, bassist Rhys explains that he wanted to take a relatively common theme and flip it around to create a different take on what one would do in the name of love.

“Instead of being predictable with conveying a fairly common theme in music, I thought about what are some of the strongest relationships outside of a person to person one, and loved the idea of thinking of how a child is when their favourite toy or teddy bear is lost,” he said.

“But given the light and dark tones in the song, I thought it would be fun to schlock it up a little and imagine a scenario where the child needs to take on a heroic task to get their loved teddy bear back.”

It’s a cute, fun, slightly dark accompaniment to a relatively serious song, and while there’s plenty of teddy bear carnage, no teddy bears or dolls were hurt during filming.

‘Unabated’ was released on all streaming platforms on February 22, and Muules will be celebrating the release of the clip on March 23 at Banshees Bar & Artspace (Ipswich) with No Intelligent Life, and on March 29th at Woolly Mammoth (Brisbane), supporting Baltimore Gun Club & Wizard Rose (with Stray Dog Saviour).