CLOWNS aren't foolin' around with new single and tour - playing Solbar in September

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'Freezing In The Sun’ is a taste of what is yet to come from Clowns. The new single sees bright and jangly guitars juxtaposed with politicised lyrics of discontent. The lyrics demanding ‘tell me what the fuck I am supposed to do, when I know my taxes are paying for kids to be held in Nauru’, coupled with the dreamy and mesmerising chorus sung by bassist Hanny J.

Sure to get some heads banging the video for ‘Freezing In The Sun’, directed by the team at Walking Moustache, follows a young woman on a non-sequential path to assassinate a political figure, with a few problems encountered on the way.

The song and clip are synonymous in theme, but don’t let a sombre tone drag you down! It’d be impossible for Clowns to create anything without some light- heartedness. The vid also features cameos from Wayne "Slatts" Slattery from King Parrot, Nikki Brumen from Pagan and comedian Johnathan Schuster and of course all the Clowns band members!

A punk band not bound by genre, Clowns have built a career spanning 8 years and 3 critically acclaimed albums that blend punk with all flavours between psychedelia, garage, hardcore and power pop. A career that has spawned countless tours the world over and found them playing everywhere between the world’s biggest heavy music festivals to your best mate’s backyard. It’s clear that Clowns are on an unstoppable and heavy loaded freight train of ascendancy with the end of the line in no clear sight, July and August sees the band take on a huge 23 date tour through Europe before heading home for a run of shows around Australia.

Coming along for the ride are hellish femme-shriek punk outfit VOIID to make your face melt and your boyfriend cry. Forming in their bedrooms and coming together to annoy the sh*t out of the neighbours with thrashed garagepunk noise, members Anji (Vocals), Antonia (Bass), Jasmine (Drums) and Kate (Guitar) resonate with each others mutual interest of all that is female and screaming profanity.

Clowns 'Freezing in the Sun' Australian Tour kicks off on September 21st, with the band coming to Solbar on September 29th, with VOIID

The new single is an absolute belter, and the clip is classic.  Check it below.