Zac Gunthorpe brings out the 'Ghost of the Town'

GHost of the town-3.jpg

You can make music of any number of reasons. The best reason is always
because you just can’t help it. 

Coast singer/songwriter Zac Gunthorpe’s new single, ‘Ghost Of The Town’ is a gratifying reminder of just that. As his band, The Brown Byrds, shift through the gears, the ‘70s alt country reference points that Gunthorpe has cherished are evident – The Band, Crazy Horse, etc. But there’s more than a whiff of old school Australian counter culture in ‘Ghost Of The Town’, harking back to a time before globalised homogeneity when a group of individuals would tumble together to conjure something they could call their own.

Having recorded his 2015 debut Glory Bound live at Andrew Morris’s converted church, Gunthorpe was keen to further explore that energy flow between room and players on ‘Ghost Of The Town’. Recorded live in a hall in the Byron Bay hinterland (with producer Zach Miller of Target Hearts Studios), the song shakes
with loose energy; Gunthorpe’s singing soaring around the hall to summon a ghostly chorus from the seasoned timbers. 

Very much like Young’s Tonight’s The Night performances, there’s the unnerving sense of Gunthorpe giving voice to spirits desperate and damned – the “stealers and their shadowy nooks,” the “broken hearted lovers laying in graves.”