EP Review - Rackett 'I Please Myself'


To quote Dave Grohl… ‘Ive got a confession to maaaaake’

I have a major soft spot for Rackett. This fierce foursome of stupidly talented ladies are probably one of the hardest working bands out there; their DIY ethics are extreme; and damn can they create a hook.

I’ve personally been lucky enough to see the band operate from backstage, as well as being a punter, and I know the force of which they attack their songs.

So I was pretty damn keen to take in the new EP, ‘I Please Myself’, which came out towards the end of last year (apologies for the lateness).

The lead single, ‘Tried to Quit’ has saccharine harmonies, with a barbed message. There’s a lot of early Go Go’s and The Runaways shining through, and the fuzzed-out bass is killer.

Second single, and the titular track of the EP, is a dirty, slinking pop-rock track, with such a killer pre-chorus. Vocalist Rebecca Callander slithers over the track like a female Scott Weiland (think Velvet Revolver-era SW). My only criticism is that the chorus doesn’t let guitarist Kat cut loose… with such a hooky pre-chorus, it feels that riff in the chorus should hit 11.

‘Kiss It Better’ reeks of classic new-wave, with sneaky 80s keys stabbing away in the background during the chorus. Such a fun track, and EP closer, ‘FU’ continues that new-wave feeling, combined with a bouncing Joan Jett-esque rock hook, complete with beeped out expletive.

Highly recommend shovelling this into your ear-holes.

*Rackett are a Sydney-based band, with vocalist/guitarist Rebecca Callander originating from the Sunshine Coast area (hence why they sneak in with a review - Ed)