Q & A with Brad from New Clear Vision

Photo courtesy of  Music Beyond Headlines  &  The V Room

Though the band is relatively in its infancy, heavy hitters New Clear Vision have managed to turn heads, and give the ol' ear canals a good old drilling with their chunky, abrasive nu metal. These guys pull no punches, and we dig them for it.

We caught up with vocalist and main man, Brad on what's been happening with NCV.

G'day lads! New Clear Vision has been in the works for a little while now, refining your sound without showing too much... then boom! Two supports with two big hitters in the Australian heavy scene - Superheist, and King Parrot. How did it feel to finally get the sound out onto the stage, and how were you received? 

Hey there bro, yes what a way to be welcomed back into the scene hey !! Such a massive start and we were blessed to be a part of both shows (thanks for referring us to the first one too bloody champ).  Basically only a few weeks apart..still pinching myself a little from it was pretty surreal. Superheist were F%$ing amazing, as were King Parrot.  Crazy show. Hahaa them boys are bloody nuts and I was so glad to have the opportunity to play alongside of them again. We all go back many years together now and it's amazing to see where them boys are at these days and it's so well deserved.. It was also awesome doing our first two shows with Holistic. Them boys have been at it for a long time now and are owning the Coastal scene in my opinion. Endless and She Cries Wolf played well also - good bands . The boys have been on a high at everything that is happening with us at the moment and we were received very well at both shows with many friends travelling great distances to support us and other people that supported having heard only the one song... the feedback was F^%ing amazing from people we do know and from others we do not I think we gained many new friends and fans from them two shows.

The band is combination of a few projects, but how did it all come together?

The band came together after I became bored shitless after the Messiam hiatus which has become more of very long extended break than I first thought it would be. I missed the scene and playing live a lot but most of all creating music in general .

I first got in contact with CJ as I have always know of his talent and met him 7 odd years ago playing for Preox. He also did a stint with Desolution, the kid can play anything from classical types of music jazz etc to the heaviest fu%@ing shit you will hear. I mentioned that we should try start a new band and that and just make an album with no gigging.  

I could get Shannon (Rosetta's Stone)  and bring Tony over from Messiam.

Originally I wanted dual vocal team up front and contacted Tuui from the awesome past band Subsyde- his vocal range and style would have been perfect blend with mine. Unfortunately life got in the way of that (maybe something might happen in the future ).

We got together and some magic happened but we were still missing a key ingredient that came in Adam (Wisdoms Realm ). It was vital to have guitarist with that heavier-edge and so technically clever style to match the versatility and skill levels as Shannon’s... the pairing is bloody perfect . The blend of musicians is bloody perfect too although Payney has moved on again and enjoying family time with his beautiful partner and young daughter. (Thanks for getting us off the ground mate.)

You released the first taste of your music late in 2016 with the track, 'Human Waste' - showcasing a blend of heavy chunk, growling vocals mixed with hip hop - so when will the full EP see the light of day?  

The ep is 2 songs away from completion, which we are hoping to get done at our very good friend Dean Wagner’s studio first week of April with our mate from punk band Plan of Attack's guitarist Trevor who is the sound engineer. The remaining two songs are revamped versions of '13' and 'I don’t know' - both old Messiam tracksthat never made the EP 'Nothing's Perfect' and seem much more suited to what we are doing style wise.

I am in talks with Rob Stanley ( he has a guesty in the EP also )  about the artwork and once the songs are done and mastered we will have it released on disc maybe 500 to 1000 copies to start with hopefully by June/July, if not earlier.

We have so much planned including a very dark, brutal film clip for a song 'No more screams', which covers domestic violence (and why the f$#k you shouldn’t do it ). It's going to be very visual so am expecting it to get noticed worldwide ( We hope).

We also have a title track for upcoming feature film from Shea Moir named 'My Reprisal' which is super fu#$ing exciting and should get worldwide recognition also. We have some festivals mid and later in the year and the boys have started writing for the full length album which will hopefully be released either 2018/19 .

While you've got a lot of different metal elements all mixed together in New Clear Vision, the band, at its core, is flying the flag for nu-metal on the Coast - a genre that is often overlooked now. However, there's inklings of resurgence for this style. What do you see happening in the heavy scene in the next few years, in particular with the Sunshine Coast? 

Good question. Being out of the game for a couple of years you kind of get disassociated with what is going on with everything in it. I hope that the resurgence continues. It is one of my favourite metal styles and has been for sometime. I am not a huge fan of some of the newer styles of metal, not to say that they are shit or anything, it is just not my cup of tea.

SunshineCoast-wise, I have not seen a great deal of new stuff popping up so much now. It has always been a hard basket up here with too many restrictions on venues etc. I learnt all that when we ran Rikochet events and Club Titanium. It's great to see Christian Tryhorn from Beats Cartel working in conjunction with Villa Noosa and playing some decent stuff up there - a breath of fresh air really - the Sunshine coast needs more of it . What has beenawesome is seeing David Dean still sticking at it and taking Darkcell on etc   and the mixed shows that Jason Johnston has been doing out the brewery over the last few years also as, once again there has been less and less of it over time. With most places ruling out anything heavy/loud with noise restrictions etc we really need people like them all.

From the last question, NCV were to be a part of the Monsoon Rock Festival - a festival that was cancelled due to dubious movements outside of the actual festival organisation - this was actually to be your debut before you scored the Superheist slot. Looking at what could of been, why do you think this festival would have been something special, and what will it take to do another one like it? 

Ah bro that was such a shame ey, so many disappointedpeople not going and bands a like, I know we were pretty bummed:( .

It would have been an epic beginning show and we were so keen to be on the same bill as Regurgitator and Frenzal Rhomb, let alone with King Parrot, Darkcell, Osaka Punch and every other band . The boys involved really tried hard to get it off the ground and it would have been a unique type of festival for the Sunshine Coast, but unfortunately (and very surprisingly) poor sales cruelled it among may other things that accounted to its demise. I think there was a lot to be learned from it and hopefully everyone will see something bigger and better in upcoming years.

And finally, what is your new clear vision of the heavy scene on the Sunshine Coast?

Hahahah nice pun you Sly Fox hehe. I do hope things pick up again up here over time the Sunshine Coast is an amazing place with amazing characters in it musically and just in general. I think someone needs to look at a creating a venue in Maroochydore or Caloundra somewhat like the super successful Solbar is and has become, specifically for heavier-type genres. In saying that we need more bands and support from the people on the coast to even consider something of the sort. Club Envy had the right idea  and so did Mick Ireland putting stuff in there, I know its where Messiam was born and I personally loved playing there, but once again the punters need to show up and watch the bands to even consider the fact. I do think the Sunshine Coast scene needs a revamp or overhaul somewhat and I hope to have something to do with that personally whether running stuff again, or providing ideas to bring it up a notch. Trad Nathan has the right ideain Brisbane with the Crowbar ... imagine that shit on the coast it would be frigging awesome.

Cheers lads! Well done on getting out there, and looking forward to the debut EP when it is finally released. 

Thanks for the interview and expect to be one the first to be getting the Ep upon arrival .. thanks for the support mate ..NCV Motherfukkas