The Wayward Suns transition from Paradigm with their latest single "Real Shift" - playing Solbar Aug 30

PROMO PICTURE LANDSCAPE - The Wayward Suns - Real Shift.jpg

On the back of their first album ‘Paradigm’ which was nominated at the Gold Coast music awards for album of the year, Gold Coasters The Wayward Suns are excited to announce their latest single to hit Australia’s ears "Real Shift". 

Real Shift, a tune about the transitioning ebb and flow of the current state of mass consciousness, truth, love and party, is a dynamic track lit with The Wayward Suns acclaimed style of hip hop infused lyricism, meaningful metaphors, dusty samples juxtaposed  with an untamable mix of blues-funk grooves.  Featuring melodic thumping bass lines, funk inspired beats and explosive guitar shreddery, "Real Shift" blazes a pioneering path through the timeless echoes of the current status quo, "Live on top, change the system, lose the banks, who's goin' to miss them; this whole worlds for you and me, let's rewrite this reality ... Got to have love, Got to have truth, Got to have party "

The last year has been huge success for The Wayward Suns.  After winning Australia’s largest battle of the bands competition, leaving 250 bands in their wake, The Wayward Suns have since shared stages with some of Australia’s best acts, including Sneaky Sound System, Melbourne Ska Orchestra and Electrik Lemonade.

You can catch these legends this Friday, August 30 at Solbar with Master Wolf, Flaskas, and Machine Club.