The Kava Kings announce new EP 'Two Strangers', new clip, and tour - playing Solbar on September 27


A single that has arrived at the perfect time where we’re looking ahead to warmer hazy days ahead, ‘Stars’ from Sydney four-piece, The Kava Kings, is the perfect remedy for any winter-time frump. Taken from the band’s new EP Two Strangers, ‘Stars’ is a piece of a larger puzzle that focuses on relationships and its different stages. Melodic, hearty and delivered with rich charm, The Kava Kings put their stamp on the second half of 2019 with a fresh collection of material, primed for the live stage.

Taking the recording to Melbourne this time round, The Kava Kings set up camp in an industrial studio space in Moorabbin to bring the Two Strangers EP together, before returning to Sydney to lay the finishing touches on at Parliament Studios. Working with Joel Quartermain (Eskimo Joe) once more on this project, the end result is a vibrant and striking record of indie-rock music that sits comfortably in the same realm as Lime Cordiale and Ocean Alley.

Having spent years forming and defining their sound and bringing it to audiences across Europe and the UK as well as on Australian stages supporting the likes of The Rubens, Birds of Tokyo, Winston Surfshirt and John Butler, The Kava Kings are a young band who have established a strong musical identity early. Their debut European tour saw the band hit 13 venues throughout Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands before returning in 2018, with an expanded run through Germany and France. Getting a taste of the international love on the festival front, The Kava Kings debut at Ameland in the Netherlands saw them play to a packed out tent of 1000 people, further fuelling their drive for the live experience.

Previous singles ‘Where Does It Hurt?’ and ‘Friends’ proved to be early examples of the band’s songwriting strengths - a strength that truly flourishes with ‘Stars’ and further on the Two Strangers EP. ‘Stars’ is driven by lofty melodies and harmony; vocals shine as the Smithson brothers play off each other effortlessly. Nuanced musical patterning is also an element of the track that The Kava Kings explore further throughout Two Strangers, yet on the lead single, the band’s musicianship is packaged into a blissful snapshot of creativity. The band’s strong performance dynamic shines on ‘Medicine’ and ‘Give Me Gold’, the latter featuring ethereal vocals from guest artist Lola Scott. Prime use of sparseness is balanced with a sun-kissed brand of laidback guitar work and melodic patterning, making Two Strangers an immersive listen.

Fiercely dedicated to the meticulous growth of their artistry, The Kava Kings poured each individual sonic and band influence into the making of Two Strangers. “The Two Strangers EP as a whole, is a collection of songs that describe the different stages of relationships. From love loss to breaking out of chains and moving on. We have reinvented the band with this EP. Recording songs that feel totally different to what we’ve ever done.” The Kava Kings, Chris Smithson

For the ‘Stars’ music video, The Kava Kings worked with Ella Tubman in bringing things to life. Taking to the coast and interspersing with European tour footage, the footage has a nostalgic vibe that the band and director both clicked to instantly. “We have spent a lot of time up that way, and it was really nice to have someone like that to create something visual for our music.”

Truly at home on the live stage, The Kava Kings are bringing Two Strangers to venues dotted along the east coast from the end of September. Naturals on stage, the band will be premiering a brand new live show for fans as they return to some of their favourite venues. Embodying the sound and energy of the coast, The Kava Kings are bringing new dynamism to the fore with their new music.

Catch The Kava Kings on their ‘Two Stangers’ tour when they hit Solbar on September 27 with The Fins and The Sundowners.