Daryl James releases deep new single, 'Alison' - Playing Foxy on Coolum August 25


Daryl James’s new single ‘Alison’ sees him take a new approach in what has been described as the Bohemian Rhapsody of the Blues/Roots world. This multi-dimensional song traverses vast musical terrain. Based on a roots Weissenborn slide guitar groove, vocal choirs and ethereal Lapsteel guitars interweave there way though Humarimaba* melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

The song also has a deep story entwined within it, which started as a seed growing to take on a life of its own.

Daryl says on the evolution of the song, ‘a few years back I did a crowdfunding campaign for my debut single ‘27’, and one of the rewards people who donated could choose was a personal jingle composed by yours truly. My dear friend and Aunt-in-law Alison donated and chose a personal jingle, which is how the song came into existence.’

Alison had been fighting cancer for a number of years and after beating it time and time again against all odds, passed away a few months ago. She was a musician herself and a deep and innovate thinker highly involved in the local community in various forward thinking and conscious projects.

Unfortunately she never got to hear the song in its final form.

Daryl, however, felt incredibly guided during the recording of the song, and believes her spirit lives on in it.

“I feel the song itself is cathartic in its nature and for all those suffering loss, I hope it can help light the way,” he said.

You can listen to ‘Alison’ exclusively on Bandcamp. All proceeds from now to 26th August will be going to Cancer Council QLD who did so much great work caring for Alison, and all the other thousands of people they support day in day out. Name your price, or if you can’t afford anything you can stream for free.

Catch Daryl James at Foxy on Coolum on August 25th at 3pm (with Phil Barlow).

*Daryl worked with Alison and her team at Woodford Folk Festival, doing workshops with an instrument called a Humarimba. It is basically a giant marimba that you strap to 2 people who suspend it, and then 3 people can play it. He actually recorded the Humarimba on the track you can hear it underneath the guitar solo.