Sunny Coast melodic nu-metallers, Absolem unleash debut EP 'End of Affinity'

Photo by Cynthia Lee

Photo by Cynthia Lee

Here’s a little dose of some local heavy, with Absolem finally unleashing their debut EP.

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Vinnie Moncada, Absolem blend early 00’s nu-metal tones (think KoRn, Soulfly etc) with powerhouse vocalist Leah Russ switching between massive rock vocals to absolute throat-tearing screams.

The rhythm section hit like one big ol’ sledgehammer, with dirty guitar fuzz and squeals overlaid.

Though they’ve been away from the live circuit for a bit (Leah is an expecting mum), here’s hoping we get to see them back in action to push this release, as they’re one of a handful of bands on the Sunshine Coast currently doing this style.

Check the EP, ‘End of Affinity’ below.