Big Whoops bring out their inner 'Criminal' with new single.


Sunny Coasters, Big Whoops get down and dirty with the frenetic new single, ‘Criminal’. The usually-alt-rock trio looks to have gone down the rabbit hole of post-hardcore with this new track, with the shouty vocals, full-on guitars, and thrashy drums all bringing to mind the likes of Sparta, At The Drive In and Thrice.

Of the track, Big Whoops say that ‘Criminal’ is an ode; a message, directed at all those who’ve felt the woes inflicted by those who are unable to escape themselves. And it’s a warning. A calling, for the ones who’s souls are falling to wake up to themselves. In a far heavier approach to writing than normal, we’ve imbued as much meaning to this song and its message as possible - and we’re proud.

Big Whoops celebrate this new track with a show at Solbar tonight (May 3), joining Venice on Fire (also celebrating a recent launch), VRLS, and Red Entries.

Put the track on loud, and mosh around in your lounge room.