AlfanAnt bring a 'Southerly' change with new single

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Following on from the witty and self-deprecating release of ‘Head In The Clouds’, Sunny Coast via Tassie duo, AlfanAnt are now aiming fire at consumerist culture, and coastal developers with their next single ‘Southerly’.

"When will we see
What we think we need
Has been sold to us
By a bunch of suits
Who just want our money
There once was here
Bushland and trees
Now all that’s left
Is a lifestyle investment:

The track exudes annoyance, exhaustion (and just a tinge of understanding) toward the continually repeated process of taking over once pristine coastlines and bushland to turn them into bricks and roads, factories and mines.

“One weekend I went there only to find the area where I usually surfed had been bulldozed for a new real estate development. You could still smell the damp, earthy sand that had been excavated into an enormous hole. You could still smell the sap from the coastal heath vegetation that had been cut down. I knew this special place would never be the same.”

The folk duo are accompanied by classical-turned-contemporary violinist Emily Wolfe, who performs a standout solo toward the latter end of ‘Southerly’. This single is the 2nd in the making of “Aurora Australis” - AlfanAnt’s soon to be released debut album.

“I'm always mystified by artists who can make you happy to be sad with their songs. This is one of those super lovely ones”.
- Nkechi Anele, Triple J ‘Roots N All’ on ‘Comes a Time’

“Development is inevitable. But it’s still sad to see so many places that were once pristine and unpopulated turned into urban sprawl.”

The track was inspired by a small town in Northern NSW where Alf used to surf.

Listen to 'Southerly' below.