Brisbane Ska Lords, Fat Picnic make us wait no more with launch of latest single, 'Make Me Wait' at Solbar April 12

Fat Picnic_Landscape.png

Brisbane based soul-ska explosion, Fat Picnic are poised to release their newest single Make Me Wait on 1st March. An upbeat reggae track that showcases the catchy, fun-loving sound they’re known for—it reflects on the awkwardness and vulnerability of being in a new relationship.

Featuring Graham Moes on lead vocals, a father-son percussion duo and a tight 3-piece horn section, Fat Picnic have been steadily gaining popularity on an ever-increasing trajectory of the east coast. Their punchy horn lines, bangin’ reggae beats and energetic live show is reminiscent of Australia’s Cat Empire and NZ reggae heavyweights The Black Seeds and Fat Freddy’s Drop.

Living up to their catch phrase ‘there ain’t no party like a Fat Picnic party’, the 8-piece have a lust for funk grooves that is undeniably infectious and they’ll be road testing it live in March and April.

Make Me Wait is a throwback to their earlier material, when vocals and catchy choruses were front stage and centre. Whilst maintaining the signature horn line hook that dominates most of their recent releases, this one plays second fiddle to the vocals thus allowing the earworm to really penetrate the psyche. The subject matter is slow moving relationships. A highly relatable topic delivered in a fun irreverent way.

‘Make Me Wait is a feel good pop reggae track about slow moving relationships and the awkward thoughts a person has when they want someone, but aren’t able to have them in the way that they want. It’s about that feeling of uncertainty and eagerness when agreeing to take a relationship slow,’ says guitarist Hughie Doherty.

Recorded at acclaimed Sunshine Coast recording studio Yama-Nui with producers OJ Newcomb and Paulie Bromley (Tanuki Lounge)—who also moonlight as bass players with Xavier Rudd and Bobby Alu respectively—the sound is bright, tight and polished to perfection.

There’s an exceptional film clip out now too, and the band are ready to unleash their party funk onto a burgeoning audience when they hit the road for their Make Me Wait tour, presented by Updraft Agency. With gigs in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and along the east coast, they’ll be soaking up the vibe of the Indian summer as they venture out to take it to the people.

Catch them at Solbar with All Strings Attached on April 12.

Rhys Fox