Matt Stillert breaks two-year hiatus and returns with new EP, 'Volume Weirdo'


After over a decade of living on the road, playing upwards of 200 shows a year, South Australian/Sunshine Coaster Matt Stillert took a hiatus from his hectic touring lifestyle to journey into the depths of the creative wellspring he felt bubbling up.

After an introspective journey of two years experimentation, the first taste of Stillert’s new sound has been released as a three track EP, “Volume Weirdo”.

The title track demonstrates the more left of field sounds Matt has stumbled upon, with the other two tracks, “The Right To Cannibalize”, and “White Lord”, display the variety of sounds to come from Stillert.

The new sounds have been recorded exclusively using a Samsung phone, (no studios) utilizing the factory built in condenser mic which most people carry around every day.

Of the recording, Matt says that while there will still be the blues/rock/folk/roots sounds that he has become known for, ‘Volume Weirdo’ displays the more experimental side of his cosmic audio adventure.

“I've recorded every sound from guitars, drums and vocals, all the way to jar lids dropped on the slate floor of my kitchen, or owl hoots and cats purring, whatever sound comes my way I record it and cut it up, and twist it into the music,” he said.

“When the full 8 track EP comes out, it will be a precursor to the epic 30-odd track double album in the making. The open-minded listener will be in for a treat with a mix bag of exciting new sounds I've mashed together, incorporating elements of Hip Hop, Jazz Fusion, Blues, Rock, Folk, Psychedelia, Break Beat, Spoken Word Poetry, A Capella, and Instrumental music all wrapped up in my experimental DIY approach.”

Listeners can be sure of one thing as Stillert releases more and more of his new sounds; expect the unexpected.