Jesse Taylor brings the sun-drenched coastal sounds on new track, ‘Naeco’

Pressshot 2 Jesse Taylor.png

Sunshine Coast indie/folk artist, Jesse Taylor is again bringing the full coastal vibes with his brand new single, ‘Naeco’; a track that’s about doing what you really want in life, and not being trapped in today’s societal trap.

The new single brings the full summer vibes, helping to keep the message positive, and was recorded at friend of Jesse’s, Jared Adlam’s studio on the Gold Coast, along with Tom Dodd (who previously recorded Jesse’s ‘Coastline’ EP).

Of the single, Jesse said that it’s really about encompassing choice.

“It’s really saying if you want to travel, do something you love for a living, or even don’t want to be trapped being forced to live a certain way, it’s all up to you as a person to make that choice - it’s your life.”

The name, ‘Naeco’ is simply the word ‘Ocean’ spelt backwards, which was the suggestion of Jesse’s producer, it resonated with both of them, and stuck.

Jesse’s music has been featured in Hollywood films and various TV shows around the world, racking up millions of streams, and following on the release of ‘Naeco’, a debut full-length is scheduled for an August release, along with music videos and supporting Australian Tour.