The Sundowners deliver debut 'Harlequin EP'.


Alt-rock/indie outfit, The Sundowners are coming out swingin’ with their debut ‘Harlequin EP’, being unleashed on to digital platforms today.

The Sundowners - with their Strokes/Kooks/Arctic Monkeys-inspired sound - are promising to give you more than you bargained for with the ‘Harlequin EP’ giving listeners a unique and energetic performance that’s sure to get stuck in your head.

Lead single, ‘Django’ was the first taste of the release, with a live video of it hitting the internet recently.

The whole effort showcases not only the bands musical abilities, but also their production skills, with ‘Harlequin EP’ being recorded and mixed at their home studio over the last six months, with the aim of delivering an organic, authentic and original feel to demonstrate their unique alt-rock/indie sound, including quirky approaches to making music.

Of the process, vocalist/guitarist Lachy Wilder said that he loved the DIY approach to music, and the idea of winging it and putting trust in your ears.

“To me, that makes the whole thing so much more genuine, and is the antithesis of a lot of the clinically clean, over-produced stuff released today that almost feels like you’re listening to plastic,” he said.

Inspired by producer/engineer Sylvia Massey (Tool, System of a Down, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Prince) and her techniques, The Sundowners embraced using sounds created from other sources, outside of musical instruments.

“We cleared out the downstairs lounge room of our house, and made it into a makeshift studio, foam, funky lights, the whole deal. If we didn’t know how to do something, we did a lot of research and experimented with the minimal gear we had until it sounded close,” said Lachy.

“Pretty much every song on the EP has some random instrument featuring in it, like chocolate wrappers, or a bicycle bell. We tried to use our limitations as a creative tool, rather than a handicap. If it didn’t sound good, no loss, we didn’t use it.”

A recent line-up change, including the introduction of new member Bailey, has allowed the band to bounce back from an injury-related hiatus earlier this year, with a fierce desire to keep exploring, improving and refining their sound.

Whether in front of the stage, or listening from the comfort of your headphones, The Sundowners’ hand-delivered hooks, cheeky riffs and warm vibes will have you inventing controversial new dance moves in no time.

You can wrap your ears around ‘Harlequin EP’ below.

Rhys Fox