Bearded Betty bring the baked goods with new track, 'Polly Brown'


The Sunshine Coast’s very own, fun lovin’, home-grown Americana band Bearded Betty have been in their creative kitchen, once again, cookin’ up a heapin’ helpin’ of visual & musical treats for y’all.

Brace yourself for this one folks, cause their debut music video is full of on set silliness that is bound to make you laugh until you cry.

Heliport Studios production crew are still reeling from the extraordinary uniqueness of this band & the vastly different features of each individual quirky clan member. Ultimately that’s the ground roots of what made this music video so crazy good.

Bearded Betty are off & racing in 2019 with this special serving of delicious goodness set to drop this long weekend Sunday 27th January.

Consider yourself warned ‘cause Polly Brown is one of those infectious little ditties that gets into your brain & sets up residency.