Super-trio Forrest Run are 'All We Needed'

Photo by Luke Mears

Photo by Luke Mears

Consisting of hip-hop producer Judah Winnett, electronic folk instrumentalist Jayke Barnes and indie pop vocalist Ayla (heard on triple j under her own project), ‘Forrest Run’ are a trio who are bringing the best of each of their worlds together into a new and exciting project.

After jamming in Judah’s home studio late 2017, the trio realised they had something worth pursuing, and rapidly began accruing a set’s worth of demos. In 2018, theyrefined these demos into a shiny debut EP, with the help of renowned producer Tim Carr (Matt Corby, Urthboy, Le Pie and many more).

All We Needed is the first taste of what’s to come from these three.
The track originated from a guitar line written by Jayke, which was then fleshed out in the studio by he and producer, Judah. Ayla then jumped on board and added a top-line, delivering heart felt lyrics inspired by a dream she'd had only the night before the track all came together.

Ayla notes - "All We Needed was inspired by a dream I had; where a building was crumbling down around my loved ones and I. It was one of those dreams that just felt incredibly real; I could hear the sounds of the building collapsing and feel the glass as it landed on my skin, then, after making it out and seeing everyone was okay, it left such a profound feeling of what really matters; what really is 'All We Need'".

To be released Friday the first of February, accompanied by a playful film clip, this track is a great example of the fun, beat driven electro pop music that is still to come from Forrest Run.

You can pre-save ‘All We Needed’ through Spotify here.

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