The Quakers frontman, Job returns with first solo outing


Sunshine Coast’s rock/prog outfit, The Quakers have been quiet in the past few months. Though an EP was released in January last year, followed by a new single in September (the very cool, ‘Different Days’ which you can hear here). we hadn’t seen much from the chunky prog riffsters in the way of live shows.

That could be due to frontman Job Cran’s efforts - because, blow us down, he’s gone and released some solo material.

Going under the Jōb moniker, the debut solo full-length album ‘Sanctuary’ is a funk-fused hard rock release, drenched in 90s reverb. There’s too many influences seeping in to the release, but have a listen to the complete album via Jōb’s Bandcamp page.

A video for the first single (which to us sounds like a hybrid of 90s house and Pink Floyd), ‘Church of the Company’ is up on his Facebook page, so check that out here.

Oh, and expect brand new The Quakers material this year too.