Howl With The Long Johns In Their Debut Music Video For Their Single ‘Hound Dog’ - playing Caloundra Music Festival

[Press Image] The Long Johns_Aug 18.jpg

In this epic visual tale, directed by Astro Video, The Long Johns own Stevie B plays lupine barista Wolfgang who is full of good intentions yet can not holt his decline into the inevitable vicious full moon transformation.

The clip features the work of cinematographic makeup artist Madison Visser who transforms Stevie first into the hound dog Maude then further into his final lupine catastrophe.

For those wanting to get their gnashes into more from The Long Johns, the band tossed in a gold nugget with a B-side extra track ‘Womble East’. Contrasting with ‘Hound Dog’, this track takes the foot off the gas. A song to lead you down to a peaceful place where all the heavy-weighted worries of the world evaporate into non-existence.

Catch The Long Johns at this year’s Caloundra Music Festival.