Dear Willow releases new single, 'I Was Young' - leading in to new EP in September

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Following on from the cautionary lament of HOLD, Dear Willow is pleased to announce the arrival of new single I Was Young, taken from her forthcoming EP Hold Yourself Down (out September 14). 

Beckoning tales from the past, I Was Young explores feelings of being trapped within situations similar to that of a somewhat manic pixie dream girl character. It bares the raw truth of consequences when breaking down that bubble.

Dear Willow is the creative voice of Sunshine Coast based artist Em-J Dau. Since 2012 Dear Willow has transformed from poet to a solo acoustic act and embraced her sound through a full band. A testament to its creator's talent, Dear Willow is both Em-J's nom de plume and her persona artistica: a vessel that can change shape and direction, allowing her to truly explore her creativity.

Dear Willow's first single, Father's House (2015) introduced Em-J’s uniquely smoky voice to the big wide world, capturing a beautiful sense of yearning that is often present in her lyrics. As her song writing developed, flourishes of indie-rock and post-grunge began to infiltrate her earthy tones. Upbeat and optimistic, yet delicate and vulnerable, Dear Willow's next single When It Burns (2016) proved that Em-J's songs had translated well and realised new heights as a full-band sound. It was time to hit the studio... 

Through the evolution of her band building to a four piece, the upcoming songs marry Em-J’s sophisticated lyrics and signature sound with punchy guitars and solid groove. Dear Willow introduces a further refined style, staying true to the frankness and honesty that is present throughout much of her music but emerges a confident and demanding front woman with tales to tell and is supported by her fellow creatives Callan Holstein (drums), Melinda Huurdman (lead guitar) and Dean Genge (bass). 

Sounding as authentic on stage as she does in the studio, Em-J will be showcasing Dear Willow's EP tracks beginning with SEQ shows this month and continuing throughout Spring.