The Tides are rising... a Million to One, you might say.


There's been rumblings of this collaboration on the Coast for a little while now, and it looks like we've got the first official release from Tides - a project featuring Mitch Davis (The Dawn Chorus), Paul Durkin (Drawcard), Nat MacDonald (D13) and Jonny Fell.

If you're big into Smith Street Band-style Australian rock, this will be right up your alley, with Mitch Davis' poetic-but-no-bullshit lyricism, harmonising with Paul Durkin; it's a pretty solid combination.

The debut single (which had a false start earlier in the year, leaking early then quickly disappearing), 'Million to One' is up on Unearthed right now, but they've also released a video to coincide with the launch of the track.

Watch it below.

Tides will be making their 'official' live debut on June 16th at The Time Machine in Nambour.