Attention drummers! You may want to get in on this...

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Drum roll, please! Launching Friday, May 25, founder, drummer and craftsman, Beau Haldane Jorgensen, launches the first Australian steam bent drum company, Haldane Drums. These finely crafted, hand-made drum shells are one-of-a-kind, offering clean and pure tones using native Australian tonewoods. 

Founded by the Brisbane-based drummer and woodworker extraordinaire, Beau Haldane Jorgensen is proud to launch Haldane Drums on Friday, May 25 - the very first Australian steam bent drum company.

There are indeed Australian drum companies out there making finely crafted drum shells, however, to Beau Jorgensen’s initial surprise, none have embarked on the steam bending manufacturing process - a process that creates some of the most beautiful sounding, durable and visually appealing shells out there in the world.

Empowered by years of studying at Brisbane’s Jazz Music Institute and performing in multiple bands behind the drum kit, Jorgensen has gained a deep understanding of what drummers need and want.

Taking on a love for woodworking from his father – a master craftsman – from an early age, Jorgensen was always found in the warehouse working away on some new project.

After consistently feeling underwhelmed by the drums he encountered, Jorgensen decided to combine these two passions – music and woodwork – to deliver unique, high-quality products with crisp tones and an even finer finish to other drummers out there.

For those not so savvy in the world of drums and their manufacturing processes, there are basically three main classifications of a drum build: the ply drum, the stave drum and the steam bent drum.

Tasmanian Blackwood Snare

Tasmanian Blackwood Snare

Ply shells, as the name suggests, are made like ply-boards - using a number of very thin sheets of wood glued together and then shaped in a mould. Stave drums – most commonly used by custom drum builders – are built much like a barrel, the vertical wood pieces with bevelled edges are joined together to create a circle. The steam bent drum is, as typically presumed, made by using the power of steam to plasticise the timber which then allows it to be bent into a circular form.

Jorgensen explains the benefits of the steam bending manufacturing process:

“Steam bent drums give a clearer, purer tone which allows the drummer to really hear the sound of the wood from which the drum is made. These drum shells resonate and project more than other drum shell constructions. They have far less glue than a standard ply drum, and much more strength and rigidity than a stave drum while offering a stunningly beautiful, seamless aesthetic.”

The manufacturing process has not come easy for Jorgensen, in fact, he has bent over backwards to create a product he was satisfied with selling. Since development began in late 2017, Jorgensen has spent months on end researching the steam bending process, one that is rare and kept behind the closed doors of the manufacturers.

After gaining a clear understanding of the manufacturing process he then built his very own rig that steams the flat slab/ board of timber. Using another rig, the timber board is bent into a perfect circular shape. This again took months of tedious testing and trialling. Having fine-tuned the rigs, Jorgensen was able to produce and replicate his very own steam bent shells.

Red Tulip Oak Snare

Red Tulip Oak Snare


Once bent into shape, the shells are allowed to set for some time. Joining the two ends, known as a scarf joint, the reinforcement rings are glued into place. The ‘shell’ is then lathed to its final dimensions, sanded, finished and all hardware is attached.

For the time being Haldane Drums are only producing snare drums, however, Jorgensen will be showcasing the first Haldane drum-kit in October when he appears at the Sydney Vintage and Custom Drum Show.

With his sights set on becoming one of Australia’s premiere drum building companies, renowned for the quality of the product made from these rare native Australian tonewoods, Jorgensen – as a drummer – has complete faith in that fact that when drummers hear and get a feel of these drums, they’ll have to have one.

Sheoak Snare

Sheoak Snare

To celebrate this massive milestone, Haldane Drums are hosting a launch party at Brisbane’s Council-funded creative hub, Outer Space Gallery on the 15th of June. The event will showcase the first three models made of Blackwood, Red Tulip and Sheoak. Find the product specifications and details about the launch below.

The first line of drums are available to the public to purchase from the 25th of May via Visit the online store for all technical specifications.

Custom orders can be made by contacting Haldane Drums directly through the contact form on, or any of the Haldane Drum social media channels.

Launch Party/ Showcase: Friday, June 15 at Outer Space Gallery. Address: 1/170 Montague Rd, South Brisbane.