BIGSOUND applications close May 10


This is a reminder from your friendly neighbourhood Point staff...  BIGSOUND applications will close on May 10th.

We know there's some epic artists in our area, and we KNOW some of you have releases up your sleeve this year (handy hint, these can be a good selling point in your application), so if you haven't done your application yet, better get your butts into gear and get it done.

For those uninitiated, BIGSOUND is THE biggest music conference in the Southern Hemisphere, staged over four days, and covering all aspects of our music industry. The actual conference features key note speakers and guests from all over the world, as well as Australia, and the panels give you insight into how to progress in this industry.

Mentors are often available (if you're a delegate pass holder, you do gain access to meet with these industry professionals in a one-on-one basis), and there's always plenty of networking going on, so bring your game faces.

And then there's the showcases/festival. This... THIS is what you're applying for.  Why? Given that you will be playing in front of all different players in the music business, from writers, publicists, and editors, to booking agents, label reps and peers, this is THE opportunity to create buzz about your music and your performance.

So, put your thinking hats on, get creative, sell yourselves (there's no room for being humble... just don't be a dick) and GOOD LUCK!

Head here to apply -

(PS... it does help if you're a Q Music member as well, though not necessary, obviously)