Your Big Pineapple Music Festival Unearthed winners are...


This year's Big Pineapple Music Festival boasts a massive and popular line-up, proven by how quickly the Coast-based festival sold out.

And there's always one little cherry on the top of all the announcements, the one that creeps up, not far from the actual date of the festival - the wild card entry of the Triple J Unearthed winners. The lucky act chosen each year has the honour of opening the festival on the main stage. 

In the past we've seen Pro Vita, Pop Cult, and Fight Ibis take honours... but this year (and we're so stoked for these guys), FRAGILE ANIMALS will be opening BPMF.

Also, we believe, the first female-fronted act to do this (please correct us if we're wrong).

Fragile Animals just had another track added to rotation on J Unearthed, and they've been busy in the studio working with producer Elliot Heinrich at Heliport Studios, with a new EP in the works.

Massive congrats to the trio!

Big Pineapple Music Festival features Violent Soho, Dune Rats, Illy, The Preatures, Cog and so much more on May 26th.

See below timetable for the festival as well.

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