Folk/rock's Tennyson King releases 'Coast' album - playing Solbar Dec 21


The folk rocking traveler Tennyson King releases his “Alive” music video to celebrate the release of the COAST album. “Alive” is the second song off of the much awaited 6 song EP.

Written and recorded in Toronto by Tennyson King, produced by Dan Hosh (The Arkells, City and Colour) COAST is an album written by the Hong Kong born musician as a reflection of life’s journey during his earthly travels. It has vibes heavily inspired by The Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

“It’s music for the everyday person who is working hard doing whatever they do but craving, dreaming, or reminiscing about the love of travel, nature, and the beach. The overall tone is care-free but, lyrically, touches on very self-reflective thoughts that I believe many of us have,” Tennyson King explains.

Tennyson King has been travelling in a string of back to back tours that have taken him across Canada, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, and Brazil. He has just completed his first Hong Kong and China tour as a signed artist of Music Dish China. It’s the unique journey of one of a very few Canadians to have access to the Chinese market. He’s now at the beginning of his third cross-country Australian tour only to return to Brazil in March for a second go around. Summer 2019 is reserved for travel across the home and native Canadian countryside

September’s Brazil tour added a new lively twist of culture to the mix. Brazilian- Canadian producer Cesar Barbosa (The Manhattan Project, Vegas 911) and his wonderful film crew took Tennyson King from MUSIC VIDEO FOR ALIVE OFF THE COAST ALBUM RELEASED NOV 3rd São Paulo, Brazil the country-side and beaches to film the new video ‘Alive’.

Catch Tennyson King at Solbar on December 21st.