Sunshine Coast Music News, September 13 2017

Big week for releases this week, but first, let's see what lays ahead for the weekend in music - 
Chris Flaskas Trio and Khan Harrison Band join forces for a big local line-up at Solbar in the back room, while North QLD's The Taste (whom we interviewed this week) will take care of the front room on Friday night.
Saturday will rock the f out with The Cherry Dolls, High Tropics, and Big Whoops at Solbar.
Jesse Taylor and band will be launching the Coastline EP on Saturday night at The Shared as well.
And a few Sunday events around, including HopeFest at Sunspace Cafe in Doonan (with Bearfoot, Ryan Delaney and Lee & Shaye Hardisty, helping to raise funds for a not-for-profit organisation (Lacey's Love) that directly supports 21 kids living in The New Kopila Children's home, Nepal. $20 entry ($10 for teens, Under 12's free).
The Shared have their Roots Rock Reggae event, with Trippin, Treading True, and The Taste.
We've interviewed some amazing artists over the last few weeks (with a few shows already been and gone), but if you haven't checked out the Q & A's with sleepmakeswaves and Sametime, then do so now!  We'll have a new interview with Van Larkins coming up later in the week as well.
Now for new releases to check out, or keep an eye out for - 
Big Whoops (who are playing with The Cherry Dolls on Friday night) just released a cracker of a track in 'For Crying Out Loud', and already released an accompanying lyric video as well.  Have a listen/watch here. We've also made this our clip of the week.
Fragile Animals have brought out an epic track in 'Home' today. Produced by Elliot Heinrich at Heliport Studios, this is pure dark indie pop, and it's freaking amazing.  Listen to the track here.
Dead Kelly fans, rejoice, for the third instalment of the Legend of Borry will be arriving online next Monday at 4pm (on their page).  If you've been following Borry's story, you know this will be one brutally epic track.
Groove metal merchants, New Clear Vision celebrated 1000 followers by releasing a clip to 'Open Your Eyes', which you can watch here.
Chris Flaskas and his trio have wrapped up recording their next release at Heliport Studios, so we'll surely be seeing that new material soon enough.

Rhys Fox