Sunshine Coast Music News, August 2 2017

Holy crap, August is here already.  This weekend sees Bearfoot return to Solbar (the first time in nearly a year for these guys to be playing 'their home'), teaming up with reggae funk crazies, Fat Picnic on Saturday night, The Badlands and Los Laws partner up for a rockin' Friday at Solbar, and Pete Allan Collective get their 'Hurdles' tour into gear at the Alex Surf Club on the Sunday, but also at Peregian Beach Hotel on the Saturday.
Also, the Queensland Ska & Reggae Festival returns this Sunday at the Yacht Club Mooloolaba for another epic session of knees-up two-tone goodness.  For more details, head here.
Some very cool announcements this week with upcoming visits to our area from Sarah McLeod (The Superjesus), The Vanns, Mojo Juju, Kim Churchill, Diesel, Boo Seeka, Pierce Brothers, and Sleepmakeswaves!  Yeah... who says we don't get any of the good tours through here, eh?
As mentioned earlier, Bearfoot are playing this weekend, kicking off their first East Coast tour to celebrate their new track, 'Crazy For You', which also features the Coast's soul sista, Andrea Kirwin. It's only been up on Triple J Unearthed a few days, and has already landed J play on Roots N All, so check it out here if you haven't heard it yet.  Full digital release and film clip to be launched at the end of the week.  We also did a quick Q & A with Asher, checking up on what the band has been up to, which you can read here.
Young singer/songwriter, Jamison Kehl has released her official debut single, 'Limerance' on to the webs, which you can stream on Soundcloud right now here. Her vocal delivery, and simple arrangement harks back to mid-90s sounds, with subtle hints of Tracy Bonham, Alanis Morissette, and even 'Celebrity Skin'-era Courtney Love/Hole, albeit with a slight country-ish tinge (whether intentional or not).  Solid track, so be sure to have a listen.
Off-kilter trio, TOWN are finally launching their EP with a number of dates, most importantly a local one at Cafe Le Monde on August 13. We really dig these guys with their unique approach - think a more rawer/avant-garde Ben Folds Five to an extent.

Rhys Fox