Sunshine Coast Music News, April 25 2017

This week is a big one for the Roots scene on the Sunshine Coast; The Jesse Morris Trio coming our way to play Solbar Thursday night, Sue Anne Stewart up at Cafe le Monde the same night; Caravana Sun returning to the Coast to play Solbar, with Hemingway in support, Bootleg Rascal coming back to us on Saturday night for Solbar shenanigans, and the Queensland Ska & Reggae Festival going on at Mooloolaba Yacht Club on Sunday, featuring Bearfoot and The Funaddicts, and more.  
In other words, massive week for sore feet and big grins.
Nambour's Bison Bar will also play host to some great music this weekend, with Shifting Sands appearing on Saturday night (an act which features members from SixFtHick, Gentle Ben & his Sensitive Side and Jeremy Neale Band), and for the jazz lovers, a Sunday Sesh awaits you with Ewan MacKenzie & Swing Dynamique from 3.30pm.
For you Dead Kelly fans, the band (who, deadset, would have to be the most generous metalheads in the country) have not only released tabs for one of their tracks, but also have filmed a quite amusing (as they normally are) video for a guitar play-through from Stanley Knife himself, for the track, 'Such is Knife'.  For all you guitarists out there, it's a must watch.  Go to their page here.
There's been some amazing new releases coming through the interwebs in the past week or so, so here's our picks - 
Toxic Fox - 'Creatures' : These guys could be part of the new wave of psych lords coming through the ranks. It's a cool track, though it could do with a bit of a remix.  Have a listen to it here.
TOWN - 'Toil', 'Selfish Love', 'This Darkness, This Town' : We've been a fan of this trio since they ushered onto the scene not even a year ago.  For fans of Dresdon Dolls, White Rabbits, Tom Waits etc.  These guys bring a punk ethic to complex folk/jazz tunes. To quote the legend, Molly Meldrum, do yourself a favour and check out TOWN here.
Bri Green - 'Talking to the Moon' : Bri launched this track not that long ago at The Shared.  Whether she's busking, or doing the solo gigs, her voice does grab your attention.  Have a listen to 'Talking to the Moon' here.
Dosed - 'Reason to Smile' (Live) - We've been watching these guys progress as well. Groove reggae, coming up under Bearfoot's wings... this three-piece have some very cool chops, and are making headway through the scene. Listen to the live recording of 'Reason to Smile' here.
Sharon Brooks - 'One Time' : Our Shazza's been busy. You'll often see her out front of Pocketlove, but man, her solo stuff kicks.  'One Time' has got a killer dancehall vibe happening (and it's charting at #9 in the Unearthed Charts right now, no mean fete.  Have a listen here.
Pete Allan - 'Screaming Sand' : Pete's feel-good, boppy, sun-soaked tunes always make us feel all warm on the inside.  We swear you get a nice even tan after listening to this track. Do that here.
Fight Ibis - 'Dorothy Deadleg' : Another band we've basically been following from the beginning, and honestly, we're not surprised about the reception this track has been receiving, with feedback from Kingsmill himself. Big call. 'Dorothy Deadleg' is such a trip of a tune, with an even trippier little filmclip to go along with it. Listen here and watch the clip here.

Rhys Fox