Sunshine Coast Music News, March 23 2017

Wet weather's a bit of a downer, but don't let that stop you from seeing some epic music this week/weekend. Start it off right with seeing touring Canadians, The Jerry Cans at Solbar tonight (mixing up Intuit Alt-Country with Reggae...right?! Cool as), and Kayt & Steph (from The Moonsets) up at Cafe Le Monde.
From there, Doolie, Christian Patey, and Fragile Animals team up tomorrow night at Solbar; there's a Brisbane invasion happening at The Imperial Hotel in Eumundi with Cheap Fakes & Hemingway, and Saturday night sees the return of The Hot Potato Band to Solbar, along with Highlife.
All that and more this week... just check out the Gigs page for more local shows.
Down in Brisbane, Mojo Burning Festival (which Tone Deaf just ranked in their top 5 Australian Rock Festivals... nice!) kicks off at the Hamilton Hotel (Kingsford Smith Drive) on Saturday. Headlined by former Kyuss/QOTSA bassist, and all-round epic dude, Nick Oliveri, and also featuring Lepers & Crooks, Cheap Fakes, Hobo Magic, Transvaal Diamond Syndicate, The Black Water Fever, Chase the Sun... the list goes on. 20 bands in total packed into one day.  Head here for tickets and/or extra info.
Our Gypsy Prog legends, All Strings Attached have now got hard copies of their latest album, 'Incantations For Strange Folk' available. Head to for details or contact them via their Facebook page.
Artist Applications have opened up for this year's Australian Music Week, held in Sydney at the beginning of November. The Point is actually a supporter for this year's event, and we definitely do encourage our Coast acts to apply, and maybe try and arrange a small tour around the event. For more info on Australian Music Week, and to apply, click here.
Here at The Point, we're made privy to new releases (or news on) before the majority of you, so we can tell you now, there's a few releases coming up to keep an eye and ear out on - 
Whiskey & Me (which features members of The Floating Bridges) are bringing out their debut VERY soon. They've been steadily gaining a following with their more stripped back approach, and definitely worth checking out. They've just been announced as part of the line-up for Solbar's 6th Birthday Bash on April 16th as well.
Someone else who has been busy is Khan.  Khan Harrison hit the studio recently, with a few members of Bearfoot on drums and bass (this forms the Khan Harrison Band).  We should be seeing this release around mid-year.
Grunge fans, there's new material coming from young dudes, NIL (No Intelligent Life), who have been working on a new release up in the hills with Angus Woodhead.
They're just a few tidbits, but we do know we've got more coming out this year. 
And to end this news update, we want you to take the time to be more aware of Highlife Afro Psych's 'Aware'. Such a beautiful song, with plenty of groove and love, with footage from the recent Woodford Folk Festival.  Watch/listen to it here.

Rhys Fox