Q & A with King Parrot


After stomping their way through the nation's capital cities last December in support of
their devastating new album 'Ugly Produce', King Parrot retain their insatiable work ethic announcing a new edition of their 'Regional Rampage' Tour for 2018. King Parrot stay true to touring the regional centres of Australia, and this April will see them venture on a
massive east coast tour encompassing every nook and cranny from Victoria to far north
Queensland. Along for the ride on their first ever visit to Australia will be the USA's Child
Bite after releasing 'Negative Noise' on Housecore Records in 2017. The lethal duo of bands have blitzed their way through North America on many tours over the last few years, and
King Parrot believe their Australian audiences will love the addition of Child Bite, one of
their all-time favourite bands.
Sunshine Coast... you lucky ducks... you're getting another long overdue visit from King Parrot when they play Solbar on April 6th.  We caught up with man-of-many-talents, Youngy in the lead up to the tour...

Legends! So good to see you're coming back to the Coast. King Parrot, are undisputedly up there as one of the hardest working bands in this country, AND you still manage to keep a DIY aesthetic ... how the HELL do you guys keep pushing forward (it's one of the many things I love about this band)?

Because we love it and we have a great time every time we play. It's as simple as that. 

Have to say a massive congrats on the latest album, 'Ugly Produce' doing so well.  Peaking at 21 on the ARIA charts, particularly in an era where a lot of music is appearing to be 'softer', that's no easy task. The album also saw you head overseas to the US, Europe and Japan as well...  I've always heard that Japanese audiences (and fans of the heavier stuff) can be pretty mental. Did they live up this image?

The Japanese audiences were crazy. Really insane. They go absolutely crazy when the music is playing and then in between songs, it's just complete silence. It really freaked us out. We are use to a bit of banter and heckling in between songs. We got none of that! 

As you have in the past, King Parrot are doing a huge string of regional shows (and just looking at how the dates line-up, there's hardly a chance for a sit down and a bonox). Is the reaction to KP's shows in the regional areas more intense, and do you think it's imperative for younger-formed bands to take a chance on touring these areas?

It certainly can't hurt. I always encourage younger bands to get out and tour. It's what it's all about these days. We have built our name by continually working hard and trying to push the boundaries of what is possible as an Australian band playing extreme music. 

As I type, you're in the lead up to the first show of the tour, which is a slot at the inaugural Download Festival (Melbourne). Firstly, are we seeing a resurgence in appreciation for heavier music in Australia, and secondly, without sounding generic, are there any particular acts you'd like to check out side of stage (maybe even for shits and giggles)?

Oh yeah of course, I can't wait to see all the Aussie bands play on the big stages, Psycroptic, High Tension, Clowns, it's going to be awesome. One of my favorite bands from the US Nails is playing too. I can't wait to see them live, they are completely brutal.

King Parrot's videos... oh man... the most entertaining, and some far-out shit that's out there, put to music.  The only other act I can think of that's doing anything close to your style of vids would Twelve Foot Ninja.  How important do you think it is to incorporate humour (even twisted comedy) into music videos?  

Yeah well, who did it first? Us or them? 100% sure it was us. It makes everything much more interesting and fun to have a video that is creative and has a story that allows us a different avenue to explore what King Parrot is about.

The clip to 'Ten Pounds of Shit in a Five Pound Bag' is well and truly messed up.  Who came up with that concept (the sneaky, cheery ending to the clip is a complete winner, too), and why?

It was just a fun idea that we all came up with, and the offer came up to do it at a place called Fetish House we immediately accepted. We could've just done a boring whipping S &M video, but we wanted to do something that had a bit of depth and a story. Our video guy Dan Farmer really helped us make it into something that we were happy with it. It was real tip of the hat to an old death metal band called Pungent Stench that we love.

Thanks for your time! Have a killer set at Download, and we'll see you lot roughly half-way through the tour!

Catch King Parrot on their Regional Rampage Tour, when they hit Solbar on April 6.