Single Review - Whiskey and Me - 'Lost and Found'

There’s always something catchy bubbling within the Sunshine Coast music scene - a scene known for producing roots and indie music of high calibre.

Whiskey and Me have been one of those acts, sitting in the fine line between underground and nudging next level… and now they’ve come busting out with the first single, and title track, from the 'Lost and Found’ EP.

Fans of The Floating Bridges would be familiar with the vocals of Cale Fisher (one of the front men of the ‘Bridges), teaming up with, and welcoming to the spotlight, his wife Holly, whose smoother vocals definitely add a certain je ne sais quoi to the mix.

Backed by fellow ‘Bridges, Jimmy Guitars, and Dale, as well as Brian Goodworth (producer and sound engineer extraordinaire) in guitar slingin’ mode, ‘Lost and Found’ is a stripped-back soft stomper, with plenty of twang and just-about knee-slapping goodness.

It’s a catchy-enough song that will, after a few listens, get that chorus ear-worming into your head.

Solid release, and definitely looking forward to the debut E.P from this collaboration of Coast all-stars.

You can download 'Lost and Found’ via Triple J Unearthed here.