Q & A with Tay Oskee


Since the release of his single "Like Waves" the dynamic Tay Oskee has been having a sea of success in the Australian music industry. Not only did the single land at #8 onAmrap's AirIt regional charts, but it has also been getting some air play on Triple J's Roots 'N All and Rabbit Radio among others. Tay's schedule has changed a bit since busking the streets, and now the Aussie Muso is even busier because he's extending his east coast tour.

Tay's no stranger to the Sunshine Coast, becoming a favourite whenever in the area, and he'll be back again on December 8th at Solbar as part of the Like Waves tour.

We took a moment to shoot through a few questions for Tay...

Hi Tay! Your latest single, ‘Like Waves’ definitely has been making a splash (pun fully intended)… well done indeed. You say that the track is an anthem ‘for those people who are stuck in that life that modern society has moulded them into but want to change.’  How important (and difficult) do you think it is for the majority of us to disconnect from such busy lifestyles, and embrace creative culture?

Haha thanks mate!  I honestly think it's more important than ever today. Modern society moves so fast that most of us don't even have time to think about what we are doing and why we are doing it. Having that time to stop and think about what is right and what is the path for you is vital for us.

Your win at the Byron Bay Blues Festival Busking Competition would have been a massive turning point for you (after all, it lead to ‘Like Waves’ being recorded).  Had you not have won, do you think this track would’ve come out much differently?

The Bluesfest win was such a pleasent surprise and it definitely meant that this song came out quicker than it would have otherwise.  It would have sounded different too as I would have recorded with my usual producer but I think the general vibe and structure of the song would be pretty similar. 

You got to do a few support slots for Kim Churchill this year… how was that experience for you?

That was an amazing few shows up in FNQ although we drive some crazy k's haha.  Kim is an incredible musician and such a nice guy, it was so great to watch and learn from such a seasoned pro too. Very inspiring!

You spent a good chunk of your life living and being surrounded by North East Arnhem Land culture… do you think this gives you a greater connection to music on whole, having been immersed in such a culture?

My time in Arnhem Land definitely had a big impact on my life and views on the world. Also it deepened my love to country and taking care of it. It's hard to say if it gave me a greater connection to music though, the incredible thing about music is it goes hand in hand with just about any culture in the world. Everyone dances, sings and plays music in some form. It's so big it's not even secluded to humans haha

The ‘Like Waves’ Tour is a pretty hefty one, and you’ll be covering some serious k’s, are there are few areas on the tour that you haven’t touched yet, and any places you are really looking forward to visiting and discovering?

It's my biggest tour so far and I must say I'm so excited to see WA for the first time. I've heard great things and hopefully I can get a cheeky surf in too :) 

Thanks, Tay. You’re no stranger to the Solbar stage, and we’re looking forward to seeing you on December 8th.