I Suffer Nothing - Kudos - Review

I Suffer Nothing’, the latest single from Kudos’ ‘Stop Trying’ EP is another piece of genius from the former Sunshine Coaster, now Melbourne-based hip-hop artist.

We’ve always been a fan of Kudos’ skill and slick lyrical content, particularly now in a world wear mumbling over beats counts as being an artist.  ‘I Suffer Nothing’ is clean, and flows like a fresh mountain stream, with a few sharp barbs thrown in for good measure.

The accompanying filmclip ties the scenes together with Kudos showing of locations within Melbourne with another of Kudos’ traits - his love for headwear. 

From one hat aficionado to another, ‘I Suffer Nothing’ is an ear-worm that nothing, not even the thickest of beanies, will stop from leeching in. 

Stop trying, Kudos… you’re making the rest of us look bad.

- R.