Q & A with Osaka Punch

Brisbane’s force of funk-groove-prog nature, Osaka Punch are back from their move to the UK, and are packing a *ahem* punch with their new material.  Recently signed to Sydney’s Birds Robe Records, and re-releasing their album, ‘Voodoo Love Machine’, these rock weirdos are back on the road, including a few shows with alt-prog legends, Dead Letter Circus (which features a stop at The Helm in Mooloolaba).

We caught up with Dane and Jack from Osaka Punch to see what’s up…

Hey guys! Holy shit. Only just saw the clip to ‘STONK’.  How. The. Hell. Did you get away with all of that stuff in that particular large, well-known supermarket?

 Jack: It was actually amazing how few people cared or even noticed for that matter! We went in thinking we’d at  least get kicked out of one or two places before getting the shots. But apparently cruising up and down the aisles whilst rocking out doesn’t raise any alarm bells at all. At one point we had a staff member follow us for a couple of passes, but he eventually realised we weren’t harming anything but our own dignity. Most people walked past and pretended it wasn’t even happening, going about their daily business with proverbial blinders on. Which I think further exemplified the message of the song, where every day is a clone of the last, and nothing can drag you out of your existential funk, least of all some weirdo having way too much fun with a mop.

OP had established themselves within the Bris scene ( I remember when you guys were Kidney Thieves), and in 2013, uprooted and headed overseas to the UK.  What was the story behind the move?

Dane: We wanted to try our luck overseas before our eligibility for visas expired. The idea of not travelling 2000ks to play a single show was enticing. 

But let’s be honest, the real reason why we went was because of Hugh Grant’s spellbinding performance in Notting Hill with Julia Roberts. We just had to see London. 

The U.K scene is a weird one, but they do like their heavier music over there… Did you end up building any worthwhile relationships with other bands over there?

 Jack: Yes. We formed a brotherhood with Norwegian band Cloud. Not only are they ludicrously talented, genuine and cute, they booked a tour through Norway and let us tag along. Legends. The lot of em. Fjokra from London are also a gangster ass band we had the pleasure of sharing a stage with. Check them out. 

And now you’re back home… How was the first gig back?

Dane: Nerve wracking! We were worried no one would give a shit anymore. We were wrong. It was a phenomenal evening for all of us. 

Congrats on the signing to Birds Robe Records, by the way (a collective that supports the more prog side of things… Love their mission statement).  Looks like you’re celebrating by re-releasing ‘Voodoo Love Machine’, your release from a few years ago. What was the decision behind the re-release, instead of coming out swingin’ with a new album?

Dane: Thanks man, it’s been a long time coming. We are pretty stoked and very lucky to working with Birds Robe  and to be apart of that family. 

There was much discussion behind the re-release as you can imagine. 

The conclusion was we didn’t really release this album properly, we dropped it and left. To our audience in Brisbane we released this album. Everywhere else, it’s a well kept secret. We have an extended EP mastered and ready to go as our single Stonk is testament to. Now that we are with a label we can give Voodoo Love Machine the push it deserves. 

And now, you’re teaming up with those legends in Dead Letter Circus, for a few shows, including one at Mooloolaba’s The Helm. Shall we predict shenanigans?

Dane: Most definitely. It’s going to be a nipple tweaking fest of the highest intensity. 

Actually, one mighty fine line-up I’d love to see would be Osaka, DLC, and Twelve Foot Ninja… So, who’s butts do we need to start kissing to see this happen?

Jack: We don’t know! If you find out will you tell us?! 

Alright guys, thanks for your time, loving ‘STONK’, and wishing you a pretty epic show with DLC on Friday night at The Helm.

Dane: Thanks Dude, rock on and laugh often.

Jack: Thanks Mate! 

Be sure to catch the shenanigans of Osaka Punch when they support Dead Letter Circus (with Far From Paris), on Friday, April 15 at The Helm, Mooloolaba.

The new single, ‘STONK’ is available on bandcamp.com right now.

Rhys Fox