Q & A with The Floating Bridges

Sending out summer vibes like a sprinkler in full swing, Sunshine Coast party band, The Floating Bridges deliver our new summer anthem in single, Finer Things In Life, as well as a run of shows across Australia to see us through the season in fine form.

With a single launch around the corner at Solbar, we caught up with the Bridges to see what's been happening...

Hello lads, about time we did a catch up interview, and a lot has happened since the last time we did one.  Let’s start with the obvious… brand new single in ‘Finer Things In Life’.  How did this track come about?

Hey Foxy, always good to connect man, cheers. So our new track ‘Finer Things In Life’ is one of the first songs our vocalist/percussionist Dale Mallett has written for the band and reflects that time in life when things can get too much and you just need to disconnect. Sometimes you just need to grab your skatey, some beers and hit the beach, get some vitamin D and listen to the ocean! We all can get lost in the stresses of life from time to time, whatever they may be, and it’s so important for your physical and mental state of mind to just disconnect from negative energies, technologies and stimulants that bring you down and reconnect to the things that make you happy - for us it’s pretty simple, we don’t need much. 

I’ve mentioned it before (to Dale and Rohan, at least), that I believe this is one of your strongest tracks so far, I think mainly because it gives a slight nod to ‘Bridges of old (thinking around ‘Fire’, fisherman’s pants, and pre-dreads), but also a glimpse of what is to come… what would you say to that?

Yes, this song definitely has elements of old and new ‘Bridges’, and I think that’s the most exciting part of where we are at right now! We have songs coming out our ears and we’re always developing as individuals and as a group but we don’t want to lose our roots. Our writing process is quite thorough now and we’re spending the time to really flesh out our songs, trying to keep that fun and upbeat energy with positive messages that people can relate to.

You chose to work with Paulie B at Tanuki Lounge for this track (who has worked with Kingfisher, Bobby Alu, Cheap Fakes, plus Coast acts Bearfoot, Yamini, Band of Frequencies etc).  How was your experience in the Tanuki Lounge, as Paulie does like to approach laying down tracks differently?  Also, Finer Things was mastered by Tom Coyne (Mark Ronson, Adele, Taylor Swift)… why did you choose Tom to finish off the tracks?

Recording at the Tanuki lounge was a great experience.....Paulie B definitely has his own way of doing things but it worked so well for us. We kinda knew how he liked to do things due to one of our members having already recorded there and we felt that his approach to recording and his production techniques were what we wanted for this song. In regards to the mastering of the track, we chose to go with Tom Coyne at Sterling sound in New York, because mastering is one thing that is often overlooked by recording artists and it is something that can really put the final shine on a recording if it’s done well. We just figured that if we’re going to spend the time and money on recording with a top notch producer at a great studio, then why not spend the time on getting a dedicated mastering studio and engineer to finish the song.

The band has had many evolutions in its time together, both musically, and in line-ups.  You’re now boasting a 7-man line-up (adding saxophonist/flautist Ben Knibb to the band this year). You’ve toured as a 5 or 6 piece for years… it’s got to be a bit squishy in the Bridges Van now, surely? How has it been working with another dimension, sonically speaking?

It’s been great having Ben in the group, he is one multitalented human. Not only does he have a great ear for music, he has an amazing talent in the digital world, he actually put together the video clip for the new single! Only problem with Ben is he’s the tallest of us all, so yes, things get quite intimate in Sybilthe ‘Silver Bullet!’ 

You’ve toured (most of) the country, New Zealand, and UK… so what’s next on the touring front for the Bridges?

We’ve had some great success in Australia and abroad over the past few years. WA has been a highlight recently so it’s no secret that we’re heading back there in 2017! We also have some killer festival shows that we can’t yet announce, but they’re coming :-) In late 2017 we plan to release an EP with a full national tour with the Bridges returning to UK and Europe in 2018! It’s exciting to think that an independent band from the Sunshine Coast can do all this self funded, just how we want it :-) 

‘Finer Things in Life’ is about finding what makes you happy… so what the finer things in life for you?

When we really think about it, music makes us happy and I guess that’s why the ‘Bridges’ are still kicking 7 years down the track...for the love of the music! Nothing beats kicking back over a cold one spinning your favorite vinyl’s nice and loud...aka Rodriguez, BB King, UB40 amongst many others. We also skate, surf, garden and frisbee! Ultimately, everyone’s different and we recognise and admire that...so do whatever makes you happy and do it well :-) 

Cheers, legends.  Catch you at Solbar on December 16th to celebrate the launch of ‘Finer Things in Life’, with Highlife and The Brains Trust.

Peace and Love brother, keep it real!

The Floating Bridges launch 'Finer Things in Life' at Solbar on December 16 with Highlife and The Brains Trust.