Q & A with DJ Morgs from Thundamentals

Fresh off the back of performing to massive arena crowds across Australia and New Zealand with Macklemore x Ryan Lewis, Thundamentals will head out on the road at the end of the month for a bunch of live shows from October to December for their 'Never Say Never Tour', stopping in Coolum for Originals Festival on November 5th.

We've awoken Rad Phil from his slumber in the mountains to ask some hard Q's with DJ Morgs...

Hey guys! After doing such an epic support slot with Macklemore it must be awesome to be heading out as headliners on tour. Are you guys hella pumped or what!?

Yeah we are pretty juiced up to get back out there. Its actually been a minute since we have done our own headline tour, and is always filled with plenty of shenanigans. So, should be fun all round.

Speaking of Macklemore, how was the tour? Any rad highlights or shenanigans you'd like to share with us?

The tour was a really great experience. Playing on those big arena stages and getting to play to a whole lot of people who had never seen or probably heard of us was amazing. They had really dope catering at each show so we were always packing large take away containers of that ish' into our bags before we left. We tried to be pretty turnt down on the tour because we were still finishing our record, but there were plenty of late night asian eateries and Jameson & Dry's.

I think I asked you this one last time, but alot has happened and it's a whole new tour! So do you prefer the festival type stage shows or the more intimate club gigs?

I think they both have there advantages and disadvantages. Festivals are festivals, they are fun, they are loose, there are heaps of people we know playing on the bills usually, it’s a wild party. But, club shows can be intimate, the sound can be more controlled and you can really connect with the people in the room on a different level. And at club gigs they have usually taken a couple less disco biscuits.

The clip for "Never say never" is definitely rad! I was going to ask about the message and themes etc but you probably have answered that one enough. So what I do want to know is are the old fellas on the mic relatives of yours still spitting fire or is it actually you blokes in old man makeup??

All the old people are played by our manager, Nate. He is only in his 20's but he has aged terribly and fluctuates in body size a lot so we just shoot him over a couple of days doing all the parts. (lol) But for reals, the actor who did Jeswon's verse absolutely was able to spit hot fire and lorded out hard in his performance that day. We may look at replacing Jeswon for him in the future.

The new tune is definitely funky as hell, do you think you have silenced the critics who insist on asking for "more cowbell"? And do you personally think there could be more cowbell?

The ICS or 'International cowbell society' has agreed that we have silenced the critics, and over much deliberation we have decided that that is enough cowbell. For now.

And finally I just have to check if there will ever be a full on Thundercats themed hip hop musical headlined by Thundamentals? 

If so I would like to volunteer in for any positions that may be available, thank you.

We can’t release too much information at this time due to legal reasons. But good news is, you got the job. You are now the writer, actor, director and of course sponsor for this musical. I have DM'd you my PayPal for the first instalment. 

Thundamentals will be appearing as part of Originals Festival on November 5th.  'Never Say Never' is out now, and available on iTunes here.